Classic HEETS sticks for iqos: choosing a taste

Many users of tobacco heating systems, or those who are going to acquire them, are interested in what tastes are sticks. Everything is quite simple, since today IQOS cooperates with only one manufacturer. In many stores you can find Heets Dubai products. Previously, there were other sticks from the company, but their production has been discontinued, since Heets quite satisfies the wishes of consumers.

Classic HEETS sticks for iqos

Existing stick tastes

Each taste is special, so it is worth considering them separately from each other:

Heets dubai stick set
  1. IQOS HEETS Green Zing - sticks characterized by a pleasant menthol note. It is an extraordinary aroma with a small amount of citrus flavors. The presented sticks are considered the best in their segment, and this is the opinion of a huge number of IQOS users.
  2. IQOS HEETS Bronze Selection is ideal for cocoa lovers. A distinctive feature is light notes of dried fruit. This is the choice of people who prefer original fragrances with a certain mystery. The unusual combination gives the tobacco a certain piquancy. The flavors used are characterized by tremendous richness, so you can enjoy a high-quality bright taste.
  3. IQOS HEETS Purple Selection is a harmonious combination of menthol and wild berries. The mint flavor is not strong in this situation. The aroma attracts with its pleasantness and lightness. 
  4. IQOS HEETS Turquoise Selection. This taste is the choice for smokers who like cigarettes with buttons. In this case, menthol is felt quite brightly. The tobacco taste fades into the background.
  5. IQOS HEETS Yellow Selection is a classic option. Designed for people who have recently started using the system and have not yet been able to get used to the tastes of the existing sticks.
  6. IQOS HEETS Amber Selection is as close as possible to regular cigarettes. It is on this option that experienced smokers stop, who decided to switch to a safer method.

Stick flavors and packaging colors

It is worth paying attention to how the manufacturers of the sticks label them, taking into account the names and colors of the flavors:
  • Yellow and orange represent Amber Label and Yellow Label. The strongest iqos sticks are represented under these colors.
  • Turquoise / green indicates menthol use. The Turquoise Label from this category is considered to be stronger, while Green Zing stands out for its rich aroma.
  • Purple Labels indicate ideal berry flavors.
  • Brown color (Bronze Label) indicates an excellent combination of tobacco flavor and pleasant cocoa aroma.
heets parliament one of the old tastesThe strongest of the entire line is considered to be Amber Label. With the help of the presented sticks, the smoker will be able to enjoy the true tobacco taste. This option is unlikely to be suitable for beginners, except for experienced smokers who prefer strong cigarettes. Distantly, the smell of such a stick resembles the smell of an ordinary, standard cigarette. The main benefits are strength and flavor.

The lightest stick for the IQOS device is considered the Yellow Label. Novice users of the presented device prefer this particular taste in the first place. This is really the best option. These sticks are distinguished by high-quality taste and not a very strong blow to the throat.

The tastes of the classic HEETS sticks for IQOS are not as diverse as many would like, but they are quite enough to find your own flavor. A definite advantage is that Heets products are suitable not only for icos, but also for many other tobacco heating systems.