Scientific Research and New Technologies: 4 Distinguishing Features of IQOS 3 DUOS

In 2014, PMI released the IQOS tobacco heating system. First, it went on sale in Japan. Now the IQOS Dubai brand is represented in more than 50 countries of the world, and the number of adult users has exceeded 14 million people.

PMI understands that in the modern world you cannot stand still, you need to constantly change and improve. Therefore, scientists and engineers are constantly working on improving IQOS, presenting updated models. The latest released at the moment is IQOS 3 DUOS. In addition to it, the IQOS 2.4 Plus and IQOS 3 Multi models are now available.

Every PMI innovative smokeless product undergoes a comprehensive, phased scientific assessment. It is based on the practices used in pharmaceuticals. In its assessment, PMI follows international quality standards, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). More and more heating systems are appearing on the market, but IQOS remains in the spotlight.

Tobacco Heating System IQOS

The idea of the IQOS tobacco heating system is based on the fact that the main harm from smoking is caused by combustion products. Studies show that the main cause of smoking-related illnesses is the harmful substances produced by the burning of tobacco. It is combustion that causes the majority of highly reactive, harmful chemical compounds found in cigarette smoke. In order to reduce the risks of smoking tobacco, PMI began developing smokeless devices that do not burn.

One of the main developments of PMI scientists is the innovative HeatControl technology, thanks to which no combustion occurs when using IQOS 3 DUOS and other device models. A ceramic heating element with platinum and gold traces applied to it gently heats the tobacco from the inside.

It is heating from the inside that allows you to fully reveal the taste and aroma of tobacco. Gold and platinum form a thermocouple, which allows you to precisely control the temperature, preventing it from exceeding 350 ℃, thus preventing combustion (the burning temperature of a cigarette reaches 600-800 ℃). That is why, when using IQOS, the levels of emissions of harmful substances are reduced by an average of 95% compared to cigarettes.


The aerosol inhaled by the smoker does not dull the functioning of the taste analyzers. Therefore, the IQOS user will always be able to easily distinguish between the smells and tastes of the food consumed by him, as well as the smell of perfumery and natural aromas. IQOS allows you to enjoy the true aroma of tobacco, without the taste of burning and soot, which is typical for regular smoking.

To date, the IQOS heating system has won the trust of more than 14 million adult users around the world.