IQOS - tobacco heating system, safer than cigarettes

IQOS is a tobacco heating system, a less harmful and cleaner alternative to cigarettes. Instead of setting fire to tobacco, as it happens in cigarettes, IQOS heats up to 350⁰C. Thanks to this, when using it, there is no ash, smoke and secondhand smoke. IQOS aerosol contains 95% less harmful substances in comparison with cigarette smoke.

IQOS in Dubai is sold in 50 countries around the world, including countries with high national quality standards: Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Canada.

Smoking IQOS Heets Sticks Safely

What are the benefits of IQOS?

Carbon monoxide (CO): IQOS aerosol contains no more than atmospheric air

The concentration of carbon monoxide in IQOS aerosol is similar to the concentration of CO in the atmosphere. IQOS users inhale the same amount of carbon monoxide as non-smokers simply with the air.

Formaldehyde, benzopyrene, acrolein: 77-90% lower than in cigarettes

IQOS aerosol contains formaldehyde, but its concentration is much lower than in cigarette smoke. The presence of formaldehyde is due to the nature of the tobacco and has nothing to do with the filter. In general, the levels of acrolein, formaldehyde and benzopyrene in IQOS aerosol are 77-90% lower than in cigarette smoke.

IQOS tobacco heating system

Carcinogens: less than in sausage and popcorn

IQOS aerosol can contain up to 4 carcinogenic substances. However, their concentration is low compared to cigarette smoke. In the same concentrations, carcinogenic substances are found in common food products - mushrooms, canned vegetables, popcorn, chips. Some products (for example, sausages, jerky and smoked meats) have even higher levels of potentially dangerous carcinogenic substances than IQOS aerosol.

Nicotine: at the level of cigarettes

When using IQOS, the same amount of nicotine is absorbed as when smoking a cigarette. That is, the use of IQOS causes nicotine addiction to the same extent as cigarettes. But, on the other hand, it makes IQOS an equivalent and also less harmful replacement for cigarettes.

Sale of IQOS in Dubai

Other harmful substances: 54-99% less than in cigarettes

Scientists have evaluated the concentration of 55 harmful and potentially harmful substances in the IQOS aerosol. They found out that their concentration, depending on the substance, in IQOS aerosol is 54-99% lower than in cigarette smoke.